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SmartphonesWe often think of our mobile devices for social, entertainment, or traveling purposes. But how often do we think of using our devices for improving our home life? Well, look no further than my list of the best apps to aid you at home. Whether you want to cook up a quick and easy meal, tidy up your living space, or tackle a renovation project, “there’s an app for that!”

Epicurious (iPad & iPhone)

When you’re in a jam to get some quick dinner ideas fast, Epicurious is your app!
It serves up over 30,000 popular dishes to help you find the perfect recipe by
letting you simply search by ingredients–hopefully, ones you already have on hand!

Grocery IQ (iPad & iPhone)

If you still need to shop for some of those ingredients above, let Grocery IQ be your shopping companion! Simply jot down the ingredients you need to shop for, and use Grocery IQ’s huge database to build your list quickly. This app even categorizes your grocery lists by store aisle! Use Grocery IQ’s coupon book (updates regularly) to print coupons or add to a store shopping card.

HomeRoutines (iPad & iPhone)

Nobody likes thinking about home chores. Well, keeping up with all of them is easier than ever! HomeRoutines lets you create a custom routine checklist for the tasks that keep your home clean, such as taking out the trash, floor mopping, and changing the bed. HomeRoutines will remind you when it’s time again to do each chore. Checklists automatically reset, and the app even features a to-do list to help you keep track of simple household duties, like dusting or vacuuming.

MyHome Scr.app.book (Android, iPad & iPhone)

Keeping a detailed home inventory of possessions for homeowner’s insurance can be tedious. You always need to be prepared, should disaster strike. This app, developed by insurance regulators, makes creating a home inventory list easy. Simply photograph your possessions and enter the information, such as what you paid. Then store the report the app generates in a safe place!

Mike Holmes Make It Right (iPad & iPhone)

Nothing will make a home-renovation project completely hastle-free. But this app, tied to the HGTV show, “Holmes on Homes,” can help you feel a bit more in control. You can create and revise a project schedule, monitor costs, store photos of your progress, and store worker contacts, among other features.

Realtor.com (Android, iPad & iPhone, Windows Phone 7)

Though all the major real estate sites have apps that show you what’s for sale, this one has the most listings, which you’ll definitely want at your fingertips. The data is updated every 15 minutes, which will come in handy in a bidding war!

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